Thursday, July 23, 2009

Chicken sale

After a bad experience with a jerk and my FIRST ancient egg recently *see LJ for details* I have decided to sell off my flock. Chickens breeding just ins't fun anymore thanks to the big business farmers. Everything up for sale in the store. My golden boy is up for auction as well.

I'll keep selling my eggs I have till I run out then use the space for more clothing and stuff if I ever get around to making more.

I have 12 full grown breeder age chickens up for sale. including 4 new waves and one pure white one. Also a box of food and 5 radio statics. There is also an 3 hour auction for a rare golden rooster going on. THis is the one that doesn't die or need food. Can only breed with v10 right now though. *hopefully sion will FIX that soon*

Saturday, June 6, 2009

I feel like I'm getting someplace!

I put a Subscribe-O-Matic kiosk in the shop. So now you can get updates and stuff and not have to use up a SL group space! I can use the service free till I have 500 subscribers. And frankly if I get that many I think I'll be popular enough to afford the monthly fee for more then that.

Must get the dragonfly gown finished now!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

A REAL store!

Thanks to a whopper of a sale of a v11 scarce sion chicken egg I now have a REAL store and not some store no one knows about up in the sky. It's located in Steelhead and is quite lovely. I'll have both my items and sion eggs for sale at it. And new items soon. heck I have one dress practically finished just needs to be boxed up and a vendor add made up.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Sion eggs!

I have at last gotten some of my sion eggs up on exstreet. Two v11 eggs

Spicy Mustard and Daisy Bush

More to come as they get laid!

I have a lovely gown in the works too. Very full Victorian skirt.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Spring Butterfly dress

I said I'd be making stuff now and I have! Presenting my Spring Butterfly dress!

Click for larger

A sweet but simple spring outfit in lovely shades of purple.

The bodice has lace up detailing on the front and back. An embroidered butterfly at the waist. And shimmering sparkle mesh to highlight your decolletage.

The skirt has a wispy under layer covered by an angled top layer. A belt with a single flower buckle finishes completes the detailing.

Prim skirt with attached belt.
Glitch pants


Available both in world at my Sky store and on exstreet

Monday, March 23, 2009

Stuff that's been around a while

I never got around to posting these here but all these items have been available on Exstreet for months.

Halloween Utility Belt

Halloween Fishing Rod

Fairy star Chakra torches

Star Shimmer Gown - Pink

Star Shimmer Gown - blue

Star Shimmer Gown - Purple

Star Shimmer gown - Green

New Shop location

So at long last I have a new shop location. I had to move due to the loss of the openspace sim I was on. I live on a lovely lot in the Willowdale Sim system. The sim of Sylvian to be exact. And my lovely landlady has allowed us to have Sky shops now! So I put the shop up there.


Now that I have a shop I hope to get some new items in it! Heck I have some items in it already I haven't even posted about here.

But new shop items soon. New custom fish in the fishing area soon, and a Spring egg hunt on my land soon!