Thursday, July 23, 2009

Chicken sale

After a bad experience with a jerk and my FIRST ancient egg recently *see LJ for details* I have decided to sell off my flock. Chickens breeding just ins't fun anymore thanks to the big business farmers. Everything up for sale in the store. My golden boy is up for auction as well.

I'll keep selling my eggs I have till I run out then use the space for more clothing and stuff if I ever get around to making more.

I have 12 full grown breeder age chickens up for sale. including 4 new waves and one pure white one. Also a box of food and 5 radio statics. There is also an 3 hour auction for a rare golden rooster going on. THis is the one that doesn't die or need food. Can only breed with v10 right now though. *hopefully sion will FIX that soon*